Temporarily Closed, no classes currently, but we will be back soon! Updated on 9/25/21.

Namas T Yoga & Wellness Studio

Summer is around the corner!
Summer is around the corner!

Are you ready to build the new you? Namas T Yoga has it all for you. Whether it is personal training or joining one of our yoga classes, we can help you sculpt the summer body you have always dreamed of! Whether you are interested in Cardio, strength training, endurance, mobility, or flexibility, we have a class for you! We also accommodate all skill levels. So whether you are a seasoned veteran of the yoga arts or it is your first time – we have a class for you!  

Preventing and treating Knee problems with Yoga  By Jen Borrowman
Preventing and treating Knee problems with Yoga  By Jen Borrowman

UK Chartered Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) and Yoga Teacher

Class Includes:

  • Detailed anatomy and explanation of the knee joint.
  • Proper pelvis/hip/knee/ankle/foot alignment in Yoga.
  • Poses to strengthen around the knee and modifications.
  • Poses to keep the knee mobile, plus modifications.
  • Poses that can be risky for the knee and how to modify these safely.
  • How to use yoga poses to help your knees be strong and springy and resilient.
  • How to prevent knee pain and problems.
  • Question and Answer Session

Two hour session-$40.00 Walk In, $35.00 Early Bird Special paid by June 8, 2018

Please Disregard Mindbody

When classes begin, there will be a notice and then I will update Mindbody to add in our new classes once I reopen.

In the meantime, it shows that all classes are cancelled.  

Looking forward to seeing you all again when we are Covid safe. I will keep you updated!



The below photos are of owner, Terri Raney, and her grand child Emily practicing Yoga at the studio together. 

Best time for yoga? Your Next Birthday Party!
Best time for yoga? Your Next Birthday Party!

Namas T Yoga offers yoga for any private party! Contact us today to learn more about bringing fun and fitness to your next party! We can accomodate birthday yoga parties, corporate yoga events, and more!

From Gentle (Hatha) Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yoga Sculpt, Dance Classes, Semi Private Yoga and Fitness Sessions, Healing through Yoga and so much more!