Our Professional Team

Welcome to Namas T Yoga. Our classes are both heated and unheated. You can choose what works best for you. Bring your yoga mat with you to class, comfortable attire, water and bare feet. That’s all you will need. We will take care of the rest! We are so happy to be able to share our love of yoga with you.

  • Teresa Raney
    Teresa Raney
    Terri's passion for yoga inspired the opening of NamasT studio!
    NamasT(erri) welcomes all to discover yoga, continue the practice or deepen their experience on the mat.
    Terri is a 200 hour, RYT with YA (Yoga Alliance) certification.  Her resume includes 25 years of fitness and dance instruction, as well as ACE (Certified Fitness Instructor), additionally she is a Level II Balanced Athlete Coach.
    You can call Terri, coach, teacher, entrepreneur, and yogi, but only her six children call her mom.
    Terri believes:
    "Yoga practice opened the door to a peace I never knew existed.  My background in fitness prepared me for yoga class, but I am astonished daily how coming to the mat deepens my breathing, strengthens my body, and most importantly expands a mindful attitude to daily life. My vision is to share this experience at NamasT.  I hope you will join me!"
  • Pamela Duda
    Pamela Duda

    Pam is an avid runner, cyclist, duathlete, holistic health coach, licensed aesthetician, singer/songwriter, vegan, hippie chick, passionate about health and fitness.

    Through the evolution of her yoga practice, she has found her breath, wellness, and peace.  She hopes to help you catch your breath, discover your unique wellness, and be at peace as she guides you through one of her gentle practices.

  • Phil Donnelly
    Phil Donnelly

    Phil Donnelly has been teaching yoga since 2007. After many false starts and stabs at many different types of traditions, she eventually found her fit in Iyengar Yoga. She has been studying Iyengar Yoga for 4 years. She brings a very light hearted, all inclusive approach to her teaching. Her Irish brogue will mesmerize you! Her style of teaching is one that you won't want to miss. 

  • Kirsty Brown
    Kirsty Brown

    Kirsty has been practicing yoga for about 10 years. She recently completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Yoga Garden in Narberth. She is deepening her practice now by studying Applied Positive Psychology, and hopes to bring lessons from that to the mat and the studio. She loves the peace and positivity that yoga practice can bring. She believes that every body can benefit from yoga, but that everyone’s practice must evolve to suit their own bodies and perspectives. Kirsty was born in London, and raised in Canada, and has lived in Newtown Square with her family for 15 years, settling down after living in Venice Beach, California; Tokyo, Japan; and Frenchtown, NJ. In her free time, she runs at Ridley Creek Park,
    travels whenever she can, and reads-- a lot. You can follow her yoga journey in photos on Instagram @truenorthyogahome.

  • Debbie Moulder
    Debbie Moulder

    Debbie has been exposed to yoga since her childhood, sharing an avid practice with her mother and sister, a highly regarded Best of Philly (tm) Yoga Teacher. While these early practices were largely experimental, Debbie's home practice has grown to support her continued exploration of the self, personal limitations, and where and when it's appropriate to shift within each of those places. Debbie is a recent RYT 200 graduate, having studied an anatomy and alignment heavy training with Mark Nelson and Nikki Robinson. Debbie continues her studies through her home practice, continued reading and ongoing trainings, constantly seeking another perspective that she can share with her students.

    In addition to yoga, Debbie enjoys other forms of movement therapy including acro, hiking and aerial arts, all of which influence her classes. Debbie's classes will include dynamic, flowing sequences, coupled with holds and breath work to support growth within the asana practice.

    For Debbie, yoga is not just a practice. It is the core that helps her balance a busy life that includes full time employment outside of yoga instruction, 6 daughters (3 each between her and her partner), and three dogs (one of which more accurately qualifies as a small horse).

  • Sara Olszewsky
    Sara Olszewsky

    I began practicing yoga many years ago. I find it's one of the most efficient ways for me to meditate and balance myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I recently received my certification to teach which I was inspired to get so I could provide yoga to others and strive to give others the gift that yoga has given me in my life. There is no wrong path if you do what you love!

  • Jen Borrowman
    Jen Borrowman
    My name is Jen Borrowman. I am a Yoga Teacher with 20 years of experience as a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist), and I have been living in Scotland for 28 years. I completed my Yoga Teacher training in 2011
    with the British School of Yoga. I have a Masters in Russian Studies from St Andrews University in Scotland (1993) and a Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Manchester University in England (1997). I have just returned to Pennsylvania with my three daughters to live closer to my parents!
    As a Teacher my aim is for people to feel both inspired and safe as they practice Yoga. My gentle physical and verbal adjustments allow students to challenge themselves while preventing injury. The non-judgemental environment in my classes helps students use kindness towards their bodies. I teach self-awareness, so my students can discover where they need more strength or more flexibility. Creating space in body and mind and listening to their breath as a guide, people in my classes can find patience, compassion, calm steadiness and trust in themselves. 
  • Paola Hoogendijk-Kiewiet
    Paola Hoogendijk-Kiewiet

    Paola is a passionate yogini who is intrigued by the mind body spirit connection, and the effect it has on our wellbeing. With a master’s degree in microbiology she expanded her scientific mind with the power of natural remedies and modalities. She has studied the powerful effects aromatherapy has on body mind and spirit through massage as well as applying custom essential oil blends in her yoga teachings. She is intrigued by the transformative forces of crystals and flower essence therapies, and is a wellness foodie.

    Paola is Yoga Alliance registered RYT-500. She has studied with Judith Lasater who certified her in Relax & Renew® restorative yoga. Being fascinated by anatomy she studied Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. She has also studied with Janet Stone, Pete Guinoso, Harvey Deutch, and Shiva Rea among others. She continues to expand her knowledge on yoga, ayurveda and wellbeing.

    Paola loves a mindful practice connecting the breath with the conscious movement of the body through yoga asanas respecting the ever-changing rhythm of life. In her teachings, she also combines yoga with the wisdom of ayurveda to maintain balance and clarity. She believes that anybody who breathes can benefit from the practice of yoga. For Paola showing up on the yoga mat is all about showing up to your body mind and spirit, being honest and open to yourself with the goal of reaching your full potential in life. Paola teaches from a place of compassion; compassion for your wellbeing that stretches well beyond her focus on alignment and conscious breathing on the mat, to creating a caring community off the mat. She creates a safe and playful environment where students can explore their bodies, calm their minds, and leave feeling energized, empowered, and with a heightened sense of awareness. As she wants to spread wellness to as many people as possible.

  • Alex Brommer
    Alex Brommer
    Alex began her journey into yoga 3 years ago as a way to compliment her strength training and running work out regimen as well as clearing her mind mentally. She soon fell in love with the practice of yoga especially focusing on the breath and the messages she received throughout the practice which led her to use off the mat as well.
    In the spring of 2016, Alex completed her 200 hour teacher training through Dana Hot Yoga. She is certified in Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.
  • Rachel Flite
    Rachel Flite
    I began my yoga journey about 6 years ago while a Classical Studies and World Religion major in college at Temple University. Since that time I have developed a strong sense of self, a compassion for human kind, and a desire to live in the present moment. I cherish the time that I spend on my mat because it takes me to a place that allows me to reflect on my inner self. I hope to bring this same experience to my students as we develop our yoga practice together.
    Rachel is a recent graduate of a Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has a BA in Classical Studies and World Religion. She is also completing her Masters of Science in Health Informatics in May 2015.
    Currently she is working in project management at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. In addition to yoga, Rachel enjoys running, kettlebell training, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.
  • Michele Fitz
    Michele Fitz

    Michele was born and raised in Delaware County. She attended Cardinal O'Hara High School, Springfield, PA, and earned a degree in Criminology from Cabrini University in Radnor, PA.

    She was instantly hooked on yoga after attending her first class during her freshman year of college. Her love for yoga has only grown stronger over the years.

    In the fall of 2016, Michele completed her 200-hour teacher training at Grace and Glory Yoga where she currently lives in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

    Michele is so grateful for the way yoga has impacted her life on and off the mat, and is extremely passionate about spreading positive energy everywhere she goes.

  • Michael Messmer
    Zen Meditation Practitioner
    Michael Messmer
    Zen Meditation Practitioner
    Michael has been a Zen Meditation Practitioner since 2008. His practice took him to Mt. Equity Zendo in Muncy, Pa, and The Zen Center of Philadelphia.
    He is also a coach with Joyful Impact LLC, working with people to overcome Negative Thinking, Fear, and Anxiety so they can experience lives of peace, love, and joy.
    Michael will be teaching Zen meditation focusing on the breath, to let go of your self-judgement, your personal stories of hurt, and to find stillness within when your world feels turned upside down.