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NAMAS T Yoga & Wellness Studio

Welcome to my new yoga studio in Newtown Square! I am happy to provide a brand new beautiful, peaceful Yoga Studio with the best yoga classes in Newtown Square, PA. We are conveniently located in the Newtown Square Shopping Center on Clover Lane which is on the same street as Starbucks! Come take a class and then pick up a beverage on your way home! I have opened up this studio because of my love of yoga and deep conviction in knowing that it WORKS, for mind, body and spirit. I intend to build a solid yoga community of like minded spirits that support and nurture each other. This is what the practice of yoga is about. This is what yoga has done for me.

I want you to have a place to come to unwind, relax and settle your minds.At Namas T yoga we are offering many types of Yoga for your convenience so please check out all of our classes and choose the best yoga class as you won’t be disappointed. There will be levels for everyone, so if you are just getting started, don’t despair! My trained staff of yoga professionals are here to make sure your introduction, experience, and eventual life long practice of yoga will be one of the best choices of your life. Be prepared to come to your mat to completely unwind, reset your mind and become stronger physically and mentally while enjoying your chosen yoga class.  All of my yoga teachers are Yoga Alliance Certified. Not only are they skilled in the practice of yoga, but they will also offer you support in all ways, both emotionally and physically.

Our classes are both heated and unheated. You can choose what works best for you. Bring your yoga mat with you to class, comfortable attire,water and bare feet. That’s all you will need. We will take care of the rest!  I am so happy to be able to share my love of yoga with you.



Reasons To Try NAMAS T Yoga & Wellness Studio in Newtown Square, PA

Something For Everyone

Yoga has something for everyone and NAMAS T Yoga & Wellness can prove it.  Yoga can be practiced at any age so come to our new studio in Newtown Square let us show you.

Ask About Our Specials

We are constantly running specials. Call the studio or check out our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our monthly specials.

Friendly Staff

We strive for excellence at NAMAS T Yoga and we treat everyone like family, stop in and see for yourself. Join the community.

Benefit from Yoga

Did you know there’s 34 health benefits of Yoga? You can easily improve flexibility, build muscle strength, increase your posture, and reduce stress among so many other amazing benefits.

Best Yoga in Newtown Square, PA

We’re happy to offering the best yoga classes in Newtown Square, PA so come in, relax, and become part of the family.

Never Ending Support

We have an easy registration process and our prices are competitive. Please ask NAMAS T Yoga & Wellness Studio any questions prior to registering.